Thank you for the interest.

My Name is J. Alfred …

I am a free spirit and I live the photography with passion, a drawer does not exist with me. I have been taking pictures for about 10 years as an amateur photographer.
Now is the time to take another step. I look forward to your feedback or comments.

Here are styles that mean something to me: Impressionism, a bit surreal, black and white reductions, minimalism and abstract pictures.
As a photo and digital artist, I am self-taught. However, it is important to me to cultivate and develop an own, authentic style. So I try to create images with different motives, where I can feel a successful resonance between me and the depicted.
It should create images that tell a story, raise questions or invite to meditation.
My working style is less planned, more spontaneous and intuitive, guided by the appeal of the moment. Many of my unusual image effects I achieve with various recording techniques, which has recently been summarized as an Intentional Camera Movement.

Best Regards